A safe, fun and informative world of happenings, interactions, achievements and more!

Aimed at enriching young minds through social, corporate and competitive initiatives, the Kidobotikz community has evolved into more than just a tech community….

Platform to showcase the talents and creations to the outside world

Competitive yet collaborative environment, stimulates technical & social skills

Brings out idealistic behavioral values in every activity

Valuable time spent through networking with like-minded people


The World Record

103 Students from Kidobotikz created a world record when they assembled and rallied 103 ATV robots on the Beach.


Kidobotikz Robo Games (9th edition)

The 9th edition of KRG was held at the TAG Auditorium, CEG Guindy. With contests held over two days, it was a cracker of an event.

Singapore Robotic Games'16

The 23rd Singapore Robotic Games, held on 27-28 January 2016, saw a team of 5 students from the Kidobotikz community compete in it.

Tathva Robotic Games'15

Tathva‘15, a techfest organized by NIT-Calicut, witnessed unprecedented participation from Kidobotikzians who won several prizes.

Industry Led Solutions


The AgriBot project is a significant milestone for the student community of Kidobotikz and the Agriculture sector in general. Developed in association with Ananya Hi-Tech Farms, Kidobotikz’s AgriBot a four wheeled robotic assistant that can take over the activity of farming from humans. Reducing the burden on farmers and optimizing the entire process of farming - in particular the laborious task of weeding - The students of Kidobotikz took this up as a challenge and developed a well engineered Agribot which is capable of taking over the field from humans and introducing high technology in the area of farming. Fine-tuning and research still continuing….

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A Robotic Christmas

A christmas tree with LEDs programmed to glow in different colours and a robot that picks the decoratives and garnishes the tree.

Robot celebrating diwali

Celebrating Diwali by letting a robot hold the crackers and playing it safe was a very clever idea - Kudos to the creator


Designed to serve as a medical check-up machine this robot is equipped with various sensors and display units.


EA Robotronics

EA Robotronics is an event which is conducted by Express Avenue mall in association with Kidobotikz. The event involves Kidobotikz hosting robotic games in the atrium of the Express Avenue for the visitors throughout the summer.